The Team

Team CMF

CMF Recruitment services Ltd trading as atwsolutions brings together a wealth of experienced staff across the field of Employment support, and specialist Recruitment services.


atwsolutions™ is a specialist partnership of employment support consultants with an extensive experience in the employment support sector across the UK.


As disabled people ourselves, no one is better placed to recognise and appreciate your unique employment journey.


atwsolutions™ is committed to the social model of disability which says ‘rather than being disabled by a medical condition, people with impairments are disabled by the disadvantage or restriction, caused by barriers they experience in accessing employment, and how they may be treated in the workplace.


The CMF Recruitment Services Ltd trading as atwsolutions team is committed to dismantling these barriers and empowering you to remain independent in your workplace

The Team

Kate - Finance Director

“Hi I’m Kate the Financial Director of CMF.  I have worked in the health industry for some 13 years in the accounts field, and felt it was a good time to set up CMF Recruitment Services with Colin and Marnie who know the Support Worker sector so well and have such a great reputation across the sector.  I see my job as making sure the payroll is kept up to date and is run on time with a high standard of accuracy for the whole company.

Rebecca - Director

“Hi, I’m Rebecca Working away in the background helping with ATW solutions with marketing and strategy. I also volunteer for Guide dogs as my guide volunteer.

Colin - Business Development Manager

“Hi, I am Colin the Business Development Manager here. I have been involved in the Disability Employment Sector since 2004 and previously had my own successful business supplying consumable products to the UK’s top Rock Climbers. I have lived with sight loss since childhood being registered Blind in 1992 and I am usually accompanied by Marshall my guide dog.”

Marnie - Senior Recruitment consultant

“Hi I am Marnie. I have the wonderful opportunity to be in the position of recruitment consultant. I have the privilege of Supporting and managing a dedicated and dynamic team of employment support workers. I also help with the needs and expectations of the clients, by helping to tailor their support to serve them in their workplace dependent on their needs and any barriers. Working within this team has opened my eyes to the empowerment of disabled people and how everybody can play their part.”

Sam - Personal Employment Assistant

“I’m Sam, I’m an employment support worker for Lesley who is a visual impairment rehabilitation officer for adult social services and is visually and hearing impaired herself.

Jane - Personal Employment Assistant

“Hi I’m Jane I am a support worker for Cindy who is registered blind.  I assist her in her day-to-day work duties working in a busy office environment and support her in and out of the office attending meetings.  I assist her with the company database as although she has access software there are still things which are inaccessible to her.  My previous extensive knowledge working in offices enables me to do this.”

Samantha - Personal Employment Assistant

“I am Sam, I am the support worker for Saliha. I have been a support worker since 2012.

I am based with Saliha in Lambeth where she works as a Social Worker.

I wasn’t sure what to expect before I started the role, but I am so glad to be supporting such a brilliant and enthusiastic young lady.

I help with her day-to-day admin tasks in the office, and we often share a good laugh.”

Alan - Personal Employment Assistant

“Hi I am Allan and am the support worker for Alex. I have a background in sales & marketing and working with Alex for a couple of days a week allows me to also run my online bookselling business. I used to be a reasonably good golfer but one day woke up and realised how difficult the game actually is!”

Matt - Personal Employment Assistant

“Hi, I support Gary working at a leading charity for people with sight loss. I have recently joined the CMF team”

Grace - Personal Employment Assistant

“Hi there I’m Grace and I support Kirsty and Sana a project manager for a fledgling charity based in London, and a therapist also working in London. My background is in teaching and special needs.”

Rowan - Personal Employment Assistant

“Hi there, I am Rowan the CMF personal employment assistant for a teacher teaching visually impaired children in Sheffield.

Ashley - Personal driver

“I’m a 55-year-old man who has semi-retired from the corporate world of real estate. I’ve always loved being out and about and not tied to a desk both in my work and social life.

I spend my spare time outside playing golf, walking, skiing in winter or travelling. I’ve always enjoyed driving and this role is ideal for me as its relatively stress free, I’m outside a lot and I get to drive to some interesting places.”

Marta - Employment support worker

“My name is Marta, I’m a Psychology graduate and an Employment Support Worker at CMF. I’ve been with CMF for over a year now and I really enjoy what I do. The staff are really supportive and always willing to help. Outside of work I love to practice yoga, read self-development books, watch psychological thrillers and spend time in nature.”

Sonia - Employment support worker

“My name is Sonia, after I retired from teaching, I decided to go into supply work working with children across primary and secondary level. However, I was offered an adult support role over 2 years ago and have really enjoyed working with adults on a 1 – 1 basis. I haven’t worked with children since.

I have used many of my old skills but have learnt many more in the process, including all online communications including Zoom and Teams, which has been great and has enabled me to get to know the clients I am supporting. Every day is a learning curve for me as I am always learning new skills, applications and software’s. I have had the privilege of being involved in many online courses in assisting my clients and in turn, I also learn new skills and information, which keep me current and up to date in this ever-changing world.” In short I have found being a support worker extremely rewarding and have even managed to keep working supporting people remotely through these trying times.”

Leah - Employment support worker

“Hello, my name is Leah. I am 22 years old and recently graduated university with a First-Class Honours degree. I really enjoy spending time with family and friends; going for coffee; going out for food; walking/hiking; swimming; and watching TV shows and films. Additionally, I am very patient, understanding, compassionate, empathetic, friendly, approachable, reliable, and trustworthy. I also possess excellent written and verbal communication skills and am a good listener.

Moreover, I am yet to start my role as a support worker, but I am excited to do so because I feel like the role will be very rewarding and will give me the opportunity to make a positive difference to someone’s life on a daily basis – something I know I will really enjoy as I love helping others. In addition to this, being a support worker will also give me the opportunity to learn even more, meet new people and the job will provide me with a huge sense of satisfaction” because I will be helping and supporting someone daily – a very worthwhile and rewarding role.

Laura - Employment support worker

My name is Laura and I studied English and Screen studies at uni, in my spare time I enjoy coding, yoga and writing poetry. Being a support worker for Karen who is an Interventions Facilitator within probation is such fulfilling work and I’m so proud of what I do.  Not only has she become an inspiration to me but empowering someone to do their job to the best of their ability has been the most important role I have stepped into in my life”