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Job Coaching Service

The atwsolutions® Job Coaching service has been specially created to work with employers and disabled people who need support when starting a new paid job. Contact us to find out more about the atwsolutions® Job coaching service

Contact us via email: [email protected]

Call us on: 020 3858 8063

Job Coaching

Job coaching is designed to enable you to succeed in Employment and make your new career a success for both you and your employer.

How does it work?

Once we have met with you and your work placement provider to understand your preferred method of learning and drawn up a bespoke ‘in work’ assessment and coaching plan, we can support you in making an application to the DWP’s Access to Work programme for funding.

This could enable you to receive funding towards

  • adaptations to the workplace or
  • for one to one job coaching during your period of training in the job
  • If you are unable to use public transport you may get funding for you to use taxis to get to and from work

Having us as your job coach strengthens your success of retaining your new job and building a good relationship between your employer and yourself, as well as further using our skills to benefit you in your new career.

What the coach does

Our job coach works alongside you, for however long Access to Work agree to grant funding for, meaning that you are able to learn the job at your own pace. We are alerted to any Health and Safety issues and can build your knowledge and speed on the job without impacting on the productivity levels which your employer might be expecting from you early on in your new role.

Our job coach also ensures that you understand each element of the job including

  • Practical tasks
  • Company policies and procedures as well as
  • Helping you build workplace friendships with your colleague

Whilst helping you to understand

  • Working patterns
  • Any legal requirements linked to work breaks
  • Absence reporting
  • Professional work conduct.

All of this helps to ensure that anytime throughout your employment  and at the end of your probationary period you are fully aware of your employer’s expectations with regard to your work performance. This aspect is of great benefit to an employer too, as sharing information will make sure everyone knows where their responsibilities rest.

In addition, if you have absence from work due to workplace stress or anxiety

Job Coaching can be an excellent way of getting you back into the workplace.

Talk to your manager to ask if your employers Occupational Health Department will make a recommendation for Access to Work to fund a period of job coaching for you.

Contact us to discuss how we can be of support to you at the start of your new job, or your return to your existing role.

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