The atwsolutions® Partnership Team

We work to keep you in control of the decision making throughout. We’ll actively support you in ensuring that the decisions made do not compromise your equality and independence.

At atwsolutions® we will never disempower or make recommendations that will leave you feeling out of the loop.

We’re specialists in:

  • Maximising on Access to Work funding approvals for job support at application, renewal and change of circumstances.
  • Challenging unfavourable decisions and making successful reconsiderations to Access to Work.
  • Recruiting suitably screened and experienced employment support staff
  • In work job coaching using training in systematic instruction (TSI) leading to positive outcomes
  • Mentoring individuals and line managers
  • Supporting you at workplace assessments
  • Managing and monitoring the implementation of reasonable adjustments
  • Supplying suitable awareness training for co-workers and line managers
  • Supplying training in Access Technology across multiple software and OS platforms
``atwsolutions showed me there is light at the end of the tunnel`` - Steve P